Have a passion for hospitality and want to work in a fun environment? We’re looking for motivated people like you to join our team.


Are you looking for a change in your life, leaving behind the busy city and high rents for an opportunity to work in a great pub /guesthouse and make some new friends. We have plenty of work available, great food and accommodation. If you are looking for a move with out having to buy a car then this is ideal. Come try it out


If you’re looking for work in the hospitality industry, O Donnabhain’s is the place to be. We are a family-run business that’s been operating for more than 40 years, and we know how important it is for our staff to feel happy about where they work and where they live. That’s why we offer you not only competitive salaries and bonuses but free accommodation.


Work with us and you can stay in our great staff accommodation. We provide your own shared room in our dedicated Staff Accommodation.

Our busy Guesthouse and Gastro Bar operation is a great place to come and work . Come work with us in Kenmare, this is a great opportunity to live in a beautiful town and develop your career.


We are a family run business that is proud to have over 20 years experience in the hospitality business. We focus on being a friendly and helpful guesthouse, where our clients feel at home. We pride ourselves on having a personal approach to managing our business.


This is a fantastic opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and work in a friendly Guesthouse & Gastro Bar. We are looking for people who are motivated, able to think on their feet, and be part of a team. There is room for people with less experience as well, our busy Guesthouse and Gastro Bar operation is a great place to come and learn your trade.


If you like the experience first time round, you can come back again for the next season. We look for people who are motivated and well able to think on their feet. While experience is great, we still work with people who have little experience. Self motivation and common sense are just as important. We can provide accommodation whereby you share with other staff members in our dedicated Staff Accommodation.


If you want to come here to work for a season while you are on your world travels, and are motivated and willing to learn and be part of a team that strives to look after our customers, then please fill in the form below


       Benefits of working in O Donnabhains


  • Accommodation can be included
  • Meals are provided when on duty
  • We can hire couples, or two friends travelling
  • Tips are shared and pooled , so every one get a equal share. Tips are paid at the end of contract time
  • You will be working directly with the owners, so you will have a good opportunity to learn more than in a big hotel.
  • If you are coming to save money this is a great place, as all your bills are paid.
  • We have people who have come back for 2 / 3 seasons. And more staff are here for 8 – 11 years

Fill in the Application below and lets work together