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After opening O’Donnabhain’s Bar in 1994, it became an instant favourite with both locals and visitors alike. The bar got its name from the previous owners, two O’Donovan sisters, who had not lived here since the 1960’s.

The original building that remains as O’Donnabhain’s Pub is one of the founding buildings in the town, created in 1775. Careful refurbishment of the building leading up to 1995 included stripping back the plaster work to revel the native stone used by the 18th century stonemasons during construction. Major expansion of the bar took place in 2000 to modernise the building and to accommodate for guest rooms and a restaurant area.

World famous bar front

The distinctive front of the bar with stone and colour has featured on postcards and calendars all over the world, even showing up on US Visa cards. The bar itself has been used for a recent television commercial that needed an “authentic” look for an Irish pub scene.

In 2008 our popular Beer Garden was given an “all weather” treatment. We put in a retractable roof that allows us to retract the roof in when the sun is out and vice versa when the rain is pouring. The Beer Garden also provides an excellent space for smokers and alfresco loving customers.
O’Donnabhain’s is at its best when the music is in full swing.

An authentic Irish pub experience

It can be a great night to remember in years to come. While we do have organised music, some of the best nights are when someone drops in and asks us if they can play a few tunes. Sometimes the best things in life come when you are least expecting them.

O’Donnabhain’s also has a very popular media history with it shop front being one of the most photographed fronts in Kenmare. It has also lead to the use of O’Donnabhain’s front in many Magazine publications all over the world, some of which are below. Our first debut was in a Rover TV Car Advert in 98, and in 2001 the pub was on Visa Card in America. In 2008 a Tullamore Dew TV advert was shot inside O’Donnabhains bar.

We are happy that others recognise the authenticity and special atmosphere of O’Donnabhain’s. We will do our best to make you feel at home here, and we’re sure you will enjoy the O’Donnabhain’s experience. We very much look forward to meeting you.